Destination 2023: 6 Interior Design Trends for your stunning Home

New vibes in 2023

Two years after the lockdown, the doors of the Salone del Mobile finally open again, bringing architects and interior design enthusiasts into the new world of design through the latest trends, stylistic innovations and the newest materials.

Here in Holland as well (in a much smaller location) other events such as Destination Design in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven brought these trends here, by declining them in different aspects and items for the furnishing of our Dutch homes.

In both events, but also recently at the fair in Paris “Maison & Object” we have perceived a breath of fresh air, new vibes also for the use of brilliant colours which prelude to get into the future with more optimism.

But for those who couldn’t be there by these beautiful and inspiring exhibitions, here they are the 6 main trends for your home in the new year!

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Earthy colors

The colours trends seen in all these events are divided in two: on the one hand, bright and cheerful palette, to finally forget the monotony of lockdown and give new energy to interiors through objects and design products.

On the other hand, there is a revival of earthy and natural nuances that promote well-being, tranquility  and provide a backdrop for a home that is conceptually different from previous versions.

Soft lights and sinuous shapes led to the various products with often contrasting colours, where pastels nuances such as sage green, light blue and mauve pink predominated.

Warm and cold: a contrast that never fades.

But also, light contrasts between greige and pastel pink or beige with light green give soft effects of pure elegance.

Everything changes and evolves in the world of interior design, just like it happens in the world of fashion.

Some trends in interior design come back, some fade away, and some stand out with a flair of classic attitude.

Grés and MDi

The acronym MDi stands for Mineral Design Innovation. It is a material made from the high-temperature fusion of very pure minerals and completely designed, both on the outer surface and on the inside, with a technology defined as ‘Fully digital’. It is a highly technological, ecological and resistant material for many appliances. The result of advanced technology, these new compounds, which simulate luxurious yet delicate materials, allow a new comfort and functionality’ with the aim of facilitating the use of the home.

MDi can be found in kitchens, inside display cabinets, on table tops, shelves and bathroom furniture.

Printed in many graphic options, the moods of stone and marble, synonymous of elegance and durability, predominated at the Salone.

Another growing trend is the idea of the ‘hidden’: wardrobes that conceal the TV and surround sound speakers, beauty areas, doors that hide secondary kitchens, storage units that conceal laundries…

In short, the home appears minimal in its formal appearance, but is extremely organized and equipped in every millimeter of the interior.

Marble, Metal (but also Bras) and Glass

An elegant and durable combination, declined in the various rooms of the home. From bookcases to bathrooms and kitchens, it is all a triumph of subtle profiles and timeless elegance.

The white Calacatta marble is replaced from Emperador in shades of brown and green or the timeless Sahara Noir.

Marbles are increasingly precious and, compared to the past, are reused with more tranquility because they are treated with special coatings that make them less vulnerable.

Organic shapes

This edition of the Design Week as well as the exhibition in Eindhoven and Paris saw a triumph of ORGANIC shapes. The upholstered items, especially sofas and beds, appear sculptural and enveloping, like shells reminiscent of flower petals and stones.

When you choose neutral fabric tones, you can always combine them with cushions in contrasting colours, such as terracotta, or pink or sugar paper blue.

The modular geometries allow for infinite combinations, playing with different levels and heights, voids and solids… Here have a look at some beautiful modular sofas of Rapture.

In short, even sofas return as protagonists of interiors, becoming important presences of the living space, with shapes that recall organicity. Customers’ preferences have changed: they now prefer more curved seats with thick cushions, let’s say more “homey”… There is a tendency towards the Italian concept of the “Dolce vita” and the Danish one of “Hygge”.

… and Hyper textures

The three-dimensionality is now also applied in textures and wall coverings. Stupendous are the brightly or neutrally coloured Arte panels that can cover a wall, or why not, the headboard of a bed. Tactility is stimulated through these hypertextures and the shape of the designs in three dimensions.

Carpets are a triumph of colours and shapes too. From round forms or colours with abstract patterns, flowers in three-dimensional textures… there’s something for every taste.

They look just like artworks on your floor.

A Sophisticated Rhythm

Materials technology is constantly advancing. The beauty of the future home is that today we cannot even imagine the substrates with and on which we will make furniture, partitions and accessories tomorrow. On the kitchen stands, many doors in MDi and engraved grès perfectly reproduce hand-worked stone.

Wood and glass reproduce interesting stripes, canvases and boiserie, which can also be realized with Orac decor plaster panels, to embellish walls or even made-to-measure furniture. Stripes are a pattern that I found everywhere.

The Outdoor as continuation of the Indoor

Today’s home increasingly presents an opportunity to live well, according to one’s lifestyle. At the Salone del Mobile 2022 and also at the exhibition Destination Design in Eindhoven, I saw many furnishings dedicated to wellness and, why not, also to home entertaining. The home becomes a place for hosting, so there is plenty of room for showcases and bar corners, accessorized and illuminated as if they were jewelries.

Our home once again becomes a status symbol, it represents us… So nowadays more than ever are our interiors a transposition of our world and personality.

Outdoor also plays a key role in the furnishings. Many fabrics used for upholstery and indoor seating, can also be applied outdoors as well as carpets.

This means that the boundary between indoor and outdoor is becoming increasingly blurred and makes us realize how having a terrace or a house with a garden or balcony has become a real priority in the choice of our new house.

In conclusion, in 2023 our home still knows how to amaze and it is always on the lookout for the new, evolving and transforming itself, adapting to our moods, lifestyle more than ever before.

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