Glass interior doors: the finest solutions for your interiors

Elegant and functional doors

Internal glass doors are currently the most popular solutions for allowing natural light to flow into the spaces of your home.

Their versatility and design enable them to be used in both commercial and private spaces, adding elegance and making the overall interior look fresher and more contemporary.

Glass is one of the materials widely used in interior design, preferred for doors, windows and walls that contribute to a sophisticated and even slightly industrial look to your home.

In this blog I give you hints and information that I am sure will help you make the right decision about these beautiful pieces of furniture.

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Among other important aspects of this fantastic material, the transparency of glass creates the visual continuity of interior spaces that are nevertheless isolated from noise and odors. Hence, glass windows are highly functional solutions for creating open spaces with aesthetic qualities and comfort.

From a practical point of view, dividing the interior with a wall makes the space darker and perceptually smaller.

Glass doors help to create a more spacious environment, obtain more natural light and, at the same time, divide up the functions of the various rooms in your home.

Benefits of interior glass doors

Glass doors, which are used in the interior design of flats and houses, not only decorate the space but also have a practical function.

It is a myth that sliding glass doors make your home cold and unwelcoming, quite the contrary. Contemporary sliding glass doors have an efficient design and ensure that cold air does not enter your home and heat does not escape.

Here are some advantages:

  1. They improve the aesthetics of your home;
  2. They allow outside light to enter even dark spaces;
  3. They divide spaces and at the same time allow visual continuity of the various functional areas of your home in a refined way;
  4. They allow interior designers to design spaces without interruptions;
  5. They refine the visual stimuli in an interior, making it look ‘different’;
  6. Glass doors are not just room dividers: they can change the look of your home and help you save on your electricity bill.

Daylight will be more diffuse and it is well known that bright, airy homes create a sense of comfort and can increase overall appeal. The more light a room has, the larger and more open it will appear… And it is good for your plants!

By installing a thicker sheet of glass, you can drastically reduce the spread of noise. Very handy!

The trendiest types for your interior

Glass is a material that both shows and conceals.

It changes with the changing light, transforming the environment with its light reflections and combining with shapes, colours and materials.

There are different ranges of laminated, decorated, coloured, shiny, opaque or reflective glass.

You can choose from full-height, sliding, hinged, packet or pivot doors – the possibilities are endless!

Glass doors are always aesthetically attractive solutions.

Here are the most elegant types:

  • Decorated or coloured all-glass doors
  • Doors with special glass or treatments with an aluminum frame
  • Arched doors
  • Industrial-style glass doors

… and furthermore…

Decorated doors are interesting because with simple effects on the glass. They emphasize a minimalist interior.

The glass can be coloured to divide spaces visually as well, while maintaining the same gloss of the material.

Special glass treatments or inserts, such as fabric effect, are available to make the looks truly unique!

English doors, with bronze or brass frames, are very fashionable, sometimes with paneled interior partitions, especially in classic interiors. The low arch is back in vogue, as are all round shapes in mirrors and furnishings.

The frame details create a distinctive design that can entirely change the look of a space, making it look very chic.

Industrial style doors allow a very wide choice of all the finishes on the market.

My personal favourites are the all-glass ones (transparent or smoked) with minimal profile and those with sleepers.

The leading companies in the production of interior glass doors are: Rimadesio, Garofoli, Henry Glass, ADL, Lualdi, Ghizzi&Benatti, Bertolotto and several others.

However, I prefer to personally design them, harmonize them with the furniture and interior design in almost all my projects.

How to select colours

Certain finishes, such as black, bronze or champagne profiles, look elegant with any type of furniture or style.

Beware of brushed or opaque glass!

Anything that is not transparent constitutes a visual barrier and therefore a limitation to the perception of the room and closes off and reduces the perception of space in your home.

How much should you spend?

If it is a sliding door, the cost of the internal counter frame must be added, which must be purchased and installed separately. For doors of extra standard dimensions, the costs obviously increase. Therefore, this is an investment that must be studied well, with due budgetary precautions.

It is also very important to plan for this type of door in order to prepare any machining and finishing work on site.

But it is definitely worth… Don’t you agree?

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