Modern Luxury: the glamourous interior design of today

Why do I affirm that Modern Luxury is the glamourous interior design of today?

I guess you are already imagining sumptuous houses with golden taps and fittings, crystal chandeliers and statues at every corner!

The modern luxury style is a very specific concept, based on a certain type of furniture inside wide spaces.

However, it can be contemporary classic, minimalistic or even industrial, but with clear characteristics.

 In fact, it is a timeless style that never fades. Modern luxury interiors can also mix different moods to create that something unique which say a lot about you…

 So, let’s have a look at the details.

Design as the main feature of modern luxury

The modern luxury concept is defined by clean lines on furniture, with suspended cabinetry in very lit spaces.

Many pieces of furniture are customized, taking advantage of every inch of available space. A home in this style has many handcrafted pieces, exclusively designed by the interior architect, which are skillfully combined with some iconic classics of design.

At every stage of the design process every element is important: from a functional layout to the final furnishing touches. Modern luxury design explores new ideas, pays close attention to every detail and carefully considers materials and finishes.

Sustainability and authenticity in Modern Luxury style

Selecting the right nuance for your interiors is one of the most important steps in the process, as well as textures and materials which have to be seducing, not only on the base of tactility, but also have to be inviting to let you explore the space. All materials and textures should add curiosity and give more value to the architecture which holds them.

Glass, bronze or copper accents, neutral colour palettes and simple lines are used to make interiors classy, elegant and glamourous. The whole look of the house can be enhanced by a special architectural feature, in case of an ancient building, by vaults for example, or custom-handmade wall decorations or just a big painting hung on the right wall.

Besides, think of natural fabrics, such as linen for curtains, wool for upholstery, wood as floor, metals and the sensual appeal of textured materials. Various textures help create a feeling of three-dimension and evoke a sense of exclusivity.

Professional interior designers are profoundly convinced about the tight connection between luxury and sustainability: luxury is already becoming environmentally conscious.

When choosing a colour palette for rooms, go for sophisticated neutral shades such as grey or grey/beige; then introduce an intensely colored carpet, soft cushions and accent furniture to create contrasts. Then incorporate diffuse and direct lighting to soften and enrich the overall look.



Build a real focal point around something that is completely unique to your space. This could be a painting, a statue, a theatrical staircase or a fireplace in a long room.

If you are going for the last trend in design, every architectural feature or extraordinary piece of furniture should have its own spotlight. The lighting should be very calibrated and never dazzle… So, pay attention to the kind of light (warm or cold…?) according to the purpose of each room. It has to be carefully chosen to create a welcoming and sophisticated atmosphere.


Coherence in every room

Characteristics of this style are balance and harmony for each space. Every design element complements each other and flows effortlessly from room to room.

This does not mean that the colour palette has to remain exactly the same throughout. Instead, a refined design project in modern luxury owes unifying elements such as lines, rhythm, repetitions, patterns running through the entire interior, varied slightly in each room to adhere to its specific function and purpose. All of this, according to the principle of visual continuity which stimulates curiosity.

Don’t forget…

Bespoke curtains are a must. If you want to achieve a glamorous finish let the fabric just lean on the floor for a sumptuous and elegant look.

While, when considering furniture and decorative accents, choose larger quality pieces that fill the space properly rather than a bunch of smaller, cheaper items.

In a few words: Modern luxury interiors instantly transform a space into a cozy and comfortable environment that can be elevated to true glamour with the addition of art and decorative pieces, rugs and cushions. The most striking feature of this style is its clean lines and large spaces. So that means that the best results can be seen in villas, large houses and penthouses…


Is it the style for you? Let’s have a talk and see…


Maria Elena Fauci from MEF architect 

I am an architect + interior designer, specialised in villas, interiors and renovations.

Elegance, functionality, bringing together different colours and materials are the core brands of my projects. I don’t have a fixed style and I don’t want to have one. Each design is a story of different elements that reveal something unique about my clients.

I like to design iconic furniture for a home. This is where my Italian origins come to the fore.

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