Interieur design slaapkamer hotel luxe Waddinxveen

“I think that typical of Maria Elena is the way she combines colours and materials together. This is visible either in her projects of villas or in her interiors. There is any interruption between outside and inside. Initially I assumed this characteristic belonged to her Italian backgrounds but instead it is just “Her and the way she is Italian”. (You can notice it also through the way she gets dressed, actually…) Poor materials combined with textiles, colours, tiles, copper, give you sensorial surprise by touching them and just living (in) them is absolutely amazing! Every space has its own story and more importantly it suits you like you would have never expected to do yourself.”

Nadine Stofberg-Spelt
Oprichter Tante Kaartje

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Review interieur design slaapkamer hotel luxe Waddinxveen