Creating a home in the Netherlands: I have come here to stay

Text: Juntos / Homify 2021

MEF architect

Maria Elena Fauci is an architect & interior designer. She is accomplished and well – known, with an eye for the details and the contrasts. There is a reason that magazines feature her work saying she brings the landscape inside. But it is more than that: Maria Elena creates a space where your heart can take nap – before conquering the world!

MEF architect project Bed & Breakfast Jacaranda in Italie

Her company, MEF architect is specialised in the design of villas and all kind of homes. She herself accompanies the projects from beginning to end, making it an enjoyable moment for the homeowners. She accompanies every step to make sure that the theoretical design matches the expectations and is carried out as intended.

Reflecting its owner

Another part of MEF architect supports you with an interior design that fits you. She makes sure that the interior reflects the owner and his/ her lifestyle. The house should be a home, a place that represents and accommodates the owners. It should be functional as well as aesthetically, beautiful.

How do you like it?

If you want to renovate a house or flat, MEF architect is also there to help you. It’s very possible that someone buys his/ her dream house but needs the spaces to be changed. One likes it wide and open; one likes it cosy. The house should fit the owner, it should make him/ her feel safe, secure and inspired.

MEF architect renovatie villa in Italie
MEF architect project Bed & Breakfast Jacaranda in Italie
MEF architect project Bed & Breakfast Jacaranda in Italie

What is it that distinguishes Maria Elena?

There are many interior designers with great portfolios, but there are few who will understand the importance of a “home feeling”. Maria Elena is Italian. She came to Holland more than 15 years ago, when she followed her great love. But when you give up your home country, you don’t only give up your job, your language and your natural habitat. You give up a piece of yourself. Everybody who has done it will agree; you sign up to being looked at, feeling clumsy and kind of misplaced.

Is it worth it?

There is no question if it’s worth it. “You are so brave to give up everything you know and go somewhere else.”, people say. “It would be brave to stay at a place that doesn’t inspire me anymore.”, I would answer. Following your dream of a new world, a different life, a new inspiration is the greatest journey you can embark on and it is always worth it. Worst case scenario: you just return home, being richer in experiences.

MEF architect project villa Vinkeveen, trappenhuis

Maria Elena knows how to make you feel good

Maria Elena knows. She can feel you; she understands that in all the new, scary, exciting world that suddenly surrounds you, there should be a safe heaven. That is her true speciality: Maria Elena creates homes. Places where people – foreign or national – can come back to and feel good.

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