Decorating your home: the industrial style

What about an industrial look?

Today’s trend is a house with an industrial look. Everyone, especially the younger generation, wants their own home to have an industrial look.

 But it is not just simple as you might imagine.

You run the risk to make a disaster in an apartment where there is none of the typical characteristics of this style and you need to start really from scratch.

So, if you are busy with decorating your home with an industrial look, I have a few tips for you!

Open space

Many of the elements used to furnish the house are vintage or original pieces. They deserve to be displayed in a way that makes them stand out, as if they were shown inside a museum.

The space itself is considered as an accessory, so it is advisable to add only a few pieces of furniture and objects, just to let you get the feeling to live in an empty loft.

In general, wide spaces in which you are free to place various elements.

Rough architecture

Interior design does not necessarily have to be finished. Rough elements such as old pieces of wood, rough concrete posts and striking installations on the ceiling do not have to be hidden.

On the contrary, you can emphasize this kind of imperfections with brick walls (it would be better, if your house owns them already…) steel beams or wooden ones and by not hanging curtains in front of the large windows, of course.

The industrial style is proud of its bleakness and is shamelessly utilitarian.

Continuity in the floor

Make sure there is continuity in the style: no vitrified tiles on the floor, and absolutely no marble either, but rather using concrete or wood, like those materials which were originally used in the factories. If they are imperfect, old or worn, with cracks or other damages, you will get surely a better result.

If you would love laying down a carpet, of course you can, but make sure to start from a grey palette. The pattern of the carpet should be sober, preferably with geometric shapes.


Designing a house in the industrial style means, first of all, creating a good balance between the warm and cold materials that characterize this kind of environment.  By combining the cold background with the warm vintage staff, you create striking contrasts and get surely beautiful results.

The architecture of the loft and or the one of open spaces is already enriched by vintage elements: the environment offers views on pipes and beams in wood, iron or steel, while natural light enters through the large industrial-style windows, gradually illuminating them and revealing their presence in that charming backdrop. The windows and doors also have a vintage character thanks to the corten steel, nowadays a very trendy material, which evokes rust.

If you do not have very much metal in your home, you can bring it in through accessories. For example, choose minimalist iron bookcases, buy a metal coffee table with a glass top for the living room or place an old metal cupboard at the entrance. The possibilities are really endless.

Cold tones

The colour palette of the industrial style mainly consists in dark colours such as (rusty) iron and rough wood. In a small flat, you should be careful in balancing dark shades in order not to get a too dark interior…

Would you like to use other colours anyway?

You can, of course! Just like wood, colour accents in the furniture give the cool industrial interior a warm touch.

The new Industrial chic is characterised by specially designed lamps, strategically lowered ceilings, shiny parts or furniture with hidden LED lights that gradually illuminate all the surroundings.